"I'm gonna go to sleep goodnight", I annoyed her right?

Seems pretty obvious just want to check, usually hear that after a risky, bold, or obnoxious joke.
Should I even apologize or just let it go and no not to do that type of thing again in the future?
My first impulse is to apologize, I fell bad when a joke that is funny to me wasn't as funny or even was annoying to the girl I'm talking too, but I also no sometimes apologizing just makes things worse.

I dont know when each time is.

So the "going to bed" hint/sign should take note and just avoid those jokes or actively apologize and then avoid those kind of jokes?

Fyi the joke in question. She had basiclly just said open to friends I said
"friends is good for starters. . ."
She said
Then I went bold and probably to far with
"I'm gonna make you mine baby-doll, I'll win you over😎"
She said
"Your funny lol. I'm gonna go to sleep! Goodnight "

Yes I think I went to far with my last joke, I can see how it's not that funny.
"I'm gonna go to sleep goodnight", I annoyed her right?
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