Depressed girl Best friend?

My best friend who is a girl and suffers from depression has been having angry outbursts towards me over things that should not even be an issue, we are very close (talk everyday type of close ) .
the other day I could tell something was wrong she acted like she was avoiding me so I probably made the mistake of asking her if I did something wrong and she just tore into saying" I know that's what you would say" "it's not about you" "your smothering me" is this typical with depression?
I admit I haven't been the most skilled with communication when she's dealing with depression she is Also under a lot of stress, just wanting some advice cuz she means a lot and love her and want her to be okay and trying my best to be there for her, should I give her space and let her contact me first? Thanks in advance
Depressed girl Best friend?
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