Does this mean I'm a lesbian?

There's this girl where things got kind of weird. I'm not a lesbian because I love men but I am really not sure what I am.

This girl is on the basketball team and was a little tomboyish but still kinda girly. She is always joking around and stuff like that and I know because we had a lot of mutual friends. It started off at the beginning of the year where her and I first met and we and this other girl went to help the basketball coach with something and she helped me off a tractor cart and when we were helping the coach I heard her ask the other girl behind my back (she didn't think I could hear her but I could) what my name was.

After that she would stare at me ALL the time, it got so obvious sometimes people around me would notice. Once I was in the cafeteria at the microwave and we caught eyes and she came up behind me and stood reallyy close to me. Like her front was touching my *** and I had to move.

She would follow me into bathrooms and locker rooms and stuff and look for excuses to talk to me sometimes but most of the time, I just brushed her off. Once she tried to cross me up in the hallway and I was walking in with my sister and she sees me and literally goes the opposite way lol it was awkward.

She left the school and came back for homecoming and she was standing with a group of people by the door and stared at me the whole time. I was on the bleachers cheering and my sister saw. After that, I realized I want her bad. What can I do when were alone?
Does this mean I'm a lesbian?
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