I’m always feeling angry/on edge, why is this?

I don’t remember being so frustrated before but since a year ago, I’m always pissed off. People can’t even talk to me because I tend to snap very quickly. I shout at my friends, family, my boyfriend. Even right now, I’m on a holiday, in a 5 star hotel, overlooking the jungle, drinking schnapps and smoking a Cuban and I just can’t relax. I feel like I want to strangle somebody. Just so angry all the time. I snapped at my boyfriend minutes ago because he has been working the whole day. I asked him to get himself a separate suite because I can’t stand to be with him right now. He has been working today and yesterday only because I asked him to join me on my holiday with less than 12h notice and so he had to book a flight and come here with his work. It isn’t fair to be mad at him, I know I should be grateful but I just can’t be happy. How can I help myself?
I’m always feeling angry/on edge, why is this?
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