So there's this girl that I like at work?

Look there's this girl I like at work but she is taken. I asked her at one point if she had any social media acct i. e fb or ig and she did have ig but kept saying that she is currently going through a "detox" of social media. She didn't mind me adding her in ig but still left on requested to this day... and you know the worst part?

She accepted and followed one of my work mates instantly. I started to grow a grudge and felt jealous but couldn't express that otherwise I might have regretted my actions. My work mate gets to spend more time with her as they nearly have similar schedules and I don't. I felt broken, powerless and most of all... jealous and I guess this is the effects of being a fat ugly guy which no girl would want to be near with.

So about that coworker I fancied. I just feel saddened that she followed my work mate instead of me... I really liked her but she is taken thus making me twice jealous now. 😭πŸ₯Ί I really don't know what it takes to get a girl unless I'm some hotshot douche but I'm not. πŸ˜”
So there's this girl that I like at work?
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