Does this make me a dick?

A girl I know text me tonight and I hate that I feel this way because I want to be nice but she annoys the fuck out of me. She asked out one of my friends and she text me about it and I know how it feels to be turned down so I tried to help her the best I could. she's also told me me 3 times now that she likes me I've turned her down everytime. She will usually tell me at 2 month intervals like its going to change but its not and its usually everytime I show her attention or anyone shows her attention. If you say hi to her she will fall for you. When she text me she always wants me to feel sorry for her which anyone who is like that to me is fucking super annoying. All she wants is sympathy. She text me tonight and I didn't message her back this time and I dont think im going to ever. I really dont like her but should I still be nice and text her?
Does this make me a dick?
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