Are these signs that she likes me?

New here so here it goes.

There is a girl I like. We met each other earlier this year at her work. I fell in love with her not so long after we talked. But I think I may have come on too strong or she just wasn't that interested at first.. Cause after a little while I asked her out. I was really nervous and didn't know how to do it but I asked if she wanted to go do something and she said No thank U.

I was sad and tried to avoid her but I still saw her sometimes and she said Hi to me a lot, even from far away and she started walking my direction a lot. I said Hi back but didn't look for anything behind it. But it kept going on.. we walked past each other and she turned around to look at me, she stares (a lot). My friends noticed all of this too so that's when I started to think. She also has seen me 2 times with a girl i'm great friends with and she looked really angry/jealous and she wanted me to notice her cause she walked by lots of times for NO reason and super close to me and even tried to walk right in the middle of me and this other girl. Also turns out she looked behind her to check if I had seen her but I didn't look at her so she got sad. (I know about this cause the other girl told me)

I send her a DM on instagram but she ignored it. She also started posting photos of her hugging a gay friend. Not one time but more times.. my friends think she's doing it to make me jealous. I think I can agree. She doesn't know that I know he's gay but I asked her if they "had something" she just left it on read haha.

However a few days after she made a lot of eye contact and looked at me the whole time no matter where I was but she hasn't say a word to me ever since she saw me with another girl. She also gets seriously really nervous around me, everyone noticed it. Last time I saw her was like almost a week ago and it was a bit awkward for me. She didn't look as much but she still did in a sneaky way. And she tried to move closer to me somehow.
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My friends said I should just tell her that I love her and all that. I wanted to last week but I just get really nervous and i'm so afraid she doesn't feel the same.. and I think I should be the one telling her not my friends. Cause last week before she got into her car a friend of mine starting yelling at her like "hey _ He wants to talk to you" but she acted like she didn't hear it. Also a co worker got into her car as well and I gotta be honest here, I got jealous/angry about that.
Are these signs that she likes me?
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