Girls, Do you strictly go by your physical preferences with a guy?

I know this girl and I do like her, I asked her one day, what's her ideal guy? She said Asian guys, White guys or mix of Asian/White guys who are super in shape and has tattoos. I don't fit any of that, I am Middle-Eastern, I don't believe in tattoos, I am in shape but I don't feel the need to fault my male physique online with other girls because I think that is very douchey for guys to do (just my opinion). Now, for me, I am in grad school, I try to be caring/understanding, I stay in shape, I think I am decent looking, I don't drink/I don't do drugs/I don't party/I don't hang out or screw around with girls and other qualities. Would this girl view me as a potential guy to date or is she only set with what she described?

My question is, do girls always go by those preferences? For me, it's not so much physical characteristics, it's more about does she have a good education? Good morals and ethics. That means more to me. I can't marry a girl who thinks it's okay to drink or do drugs because how can you have kids around that in a house hold. I believe it's a wasted generation if kids grow up in an environment like that and repeat those same actions in the future which becomes a domino effect.
Girls, Do you strictly go by your physical preferences with a guy?
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