SHE WAS IN A TRANCE! What’s up with her?

I called a women on Facebook a women I've known years but she was quiet just nodding her head so I didn’t know what to do other than yell in her ear since she was she wearing her headphones I said HELLO ARE YOU HERE TALK TO ME and she just looks at me says sorry I have to go now. She looked hotter than I’ve ever seen her look before but I got the feeling somethings up with her because she wasn’t present in the convo wasn't interacting with me has me worried about her because the way she was acting on video looked like somethings wrong with her and the video was clear I could see her perfectly. She moved out of our state in 2018 or 2019 but I don't know much else about her life other than that or if she's doin alright.
1 y
Goddamnit will somebody please answer my question and please help me figure out what’s goin on with her because it just hit me that when she first answered my video call SHE DIDN’T REMEMBER WHO I WAS!!! I saw her in 2019 at her old job at tjmaxx and SHE KNEW WHO I WAS!!! So I was wrong she didn’t move in 2018 it was in 2019 when she moved.
SHE WAS IN A TRANCE! What’s up with her?
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