Is she really over me that soon?

I dated an amazing lady for 4 months until we decided we had to slow things. We decided to revisit the topic later but chose to keep the friendship. One weekend she ghosted me but only came back telling sorry for responding late. I did not make big deal. I drive for uber so sometimes i bump into her so just end up driving her to work. One day while driving to work she got a call but panicked and never answered it. I realised something was up. Yesterday While driving for uber, I got a ride opposite her street, while picking my customer I saw a car for an old friend going my direction. I tried to overtake it as wanted to say hi to my guy but I was shocked to see my girl in his car. I was in denial so an hour later I called her and we catch up. I brought the topic her ignoring or responding days later but she denied that she is ignoring me. I was cool however I lost it and said is it that you seeing someone and also fucking him so she hung up. The she texted: I've hung up the phone. Im sorry but I really dont need a conversation of 'you are fucking somebody' later during the day I texted: Ahoj, I am painfully aware that the things I said were awful and unrespectful but I regret every single word and its tearing to pieces. I sincerely apologize. Can you do coffee after work? She responded the was meeting her girlfriends after work. The last sentence was I do not know what to say.

I texted saying I hope you accepted my apology but this message never got delivered on messenger. I am 100% she ignored my messages so they going into spam.

I am not gonna text or call her until she us ready.

I love this girl and have no idea how to create the slightest chances.

Can you help me?
Is she really over me that soon?
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