Do you think women should be banned from social media?

The other day i got on to the topic of this with my brothers. They were only joking and i was a little offended at first when they said this but once we discussed it more they did have some good points.

It came after are local towns spotted Facebook page starting posting loads of rants sent in by Karens just moaning about stupid shit as usual. my brothers just both rolled their eyes and said "this is why woman shouldn't have social media".

Obviously not all women, including myself but i have noticed a lot of woman on Facebook are so annoying. I don't hate woman but all they do is post stuff looking for attention.

One minute it's a cringey quote from Pinterest they've found basically letting everyone know they are a good person basically, then it's then going on moaning how hard their days been yet they don't want to talk about when someone comments "what's wrong, im here for you babes xxxx". Then there going on a rant about some teenager who looked at their kids funny and then to finish it off they will usually post a half naked, Snapchat selfie.

I personally don't see what they do as hurting anyone but themselves besides when they decide to go full Karen mode and try to make others look bad online.

I still don't think it's a good enough point but i posted this to win a argument between be and my brothers 😅
Do you think women should be banned from social media?
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