Girls, Why would she add me and act this way?

in college me and a girl liked each other and would have lunch together and things. But she lied and hid that she had a boyfriend so I got annoyed and avoided her which really hurt her. But then months later before college ended I had a chat and it was clear she wasn’t ready to leave him and also her friends have told me he’s controlling and that she’s super insecure.
I wanted to have each other on social media but she couldn’t add me because he watches who she has on her friends list na it causes huge arguments.

so anyway months later I added her , she kept me pending for months. On Instagram and Facebook. Then she saw her friends follow me and added me then was worried he would find out and it would cause huge arguments. She blocked me and unblocked me. But a while after I requested again. And she had me pending for a while but then randomly added me. I don’t get why she keeps me pending for years then randomly adds me. Especially when her boyfriend is insecure and controlling. Her friends have wanted her to split with him for a longtime but she’s insecure because she manipulates using money as she’s a student and struggled financially because her father passed away and her mother was a single mother looking after Three
Girls, Why would she add me and act this way?
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