Cold hearted baby mama, what should I do?

So let's see, had me arrested day before Christmas for being drunk in my own house. Caught a prowling charge im still fighting for trying to get back into my house that I was locked out of.
she's never told me she loves me, without me first saying it. When pregnant she told me the baby prolly isn't even mine just to hurt me. Never once has made a move on me sexually, like so I just fked some other chicks. She was so mad she had me kicked out of my own house, for a week str8 and I then was fed up. Like mfkers only reason I'm not on lease is because she's committing fraud with welfare... so there's a reason she acts like i don't pay the rent or any bills. For her, the picture of me doing bad is good for her. Nothing sacred about family. Honestly, I just got battery on a police officer and its the best thing that's ever happened to me, through her scorn she got a restraining order on me. Now I don't have to listen to her speak, she put the muzzle on herself. For first time in my life I dont hear hatred in her voice... maybe its cuz she got cut off of all government assistance and finally appreciates what I've done. Take it from me, never date a girl with daddy issues. ...

I still love her tho. But I've accepted im prolly going to prison and she will always weaponize our little girl... reason im not speaking on our little one is because it hurts too much. She's doing this to her own family, ill never forgive her. And if I do, def never forget. And will be the reason I never risk me and my daughters relationship on her emotions. So yeah, know what all this did do though. Drew me closer to God. He will find me a women who does consider family sacred. How should I deal w her?
Cold hearted baby mama, what should I do?
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