How can I reel this girl back in?

I’m engaged, but I like to have fun on the side. I used to work with this girl that my best friend used to supervise that I was trying to sleep with (my friend was aware that I was trying to fuck her). I was upfront about having a girlfriend but she wasn’t down for it and tried to avoid me after I propositioned her.

Being that she has to be friendly and engage with the entire staff, I reported her to her supervisor, and he wrote her up twice and the hire ups threaten to fire her. After those incidents, she was nicer to me but still refusing my advances. I tried every seduction technique you can think of (making her jealous, push and pull, friendzoning her, etc.). When I finally introduced her to my girlfriend and she blocked me and stopped talking to me.

She was cold for a month and I heard her tell a coworker about what I was doing, and they didn’t believe her (I’m pretty well liked and she’s known for being an Ice Queen). Her supervisor wrote her up one last time and she broke down (my supervisor texted me while she was having this break down). She called out for a few days then put in her letter of resignation.

It’s been a year and according to her former supervisor who keeps tabs on her social media and occasionally talks to her, she doesn’t appear to have a boyfriend (but when he asks her she says she does). Mutual friends say that she doing well and is in therapy because of her experiences at the former job

She came on the job last week to visit a mutual friend, her former supervisor texted me and let me know she was there. I was working from home that day, so I drove fifteen miles to “bump” into her at work. As soon as I approached her she was cold and gave one-worded responses. When I left, I over her our mutual friend that she can to visit that “she’s being mean and she needs to just get over it”.

How can I reel her back in when she’s being cold toward me and allegedly insists that she’s in a relationship?
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She did like me, she just said that she wasn’t going to play side chick.
How can I reel this girl back in?
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