Am I a coward for this?


recently, me and my friends got into it with some assholes who were trying to bully my friend on social media. One of them had a dead cousin, so we made fun of that. I wouldn't had normally done that, but the amount of pain they made my best friend go through prior to this altercation made me so angry that I became disrespectful. They, of course, got angry and got the rest of their family on me.

I'm just a 15 year old girl, mind you.

A grown man approached me in my DMs saying to drop my address and that he would shoot my house up. Another male had told me the same thing, and that he was going to beat me up. Two other girls had told me they wanted to fight and to send my address. The girl we had gotten into an altercation with though, didn't mention anything about wanting to fight me.

Now, had I not known that these two males wanted to kill me, I would've told them to pull up. But I seriously didn't want to risk dying. I don't have any types of weapons or skill with guns.

I hadn't expected for so many people to try and come at me all at once. I especially didn't expect to be threatened the way I did. I expected for the bully to want to fight me, which I'm fine with, but not this...

Am i a p*ssy for not sending my address?
Am I a coward for this?
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