A stranger friend?

So, i wasted an entire year starring at a beautiful girl. I liked her from the moment I saw her on first day of school. I'm a naturally shy person with a special grudge against myself. I thought she's wayy wayyy outta my league. So I kept my distance.
Fast forward last day of school, her best friend decides to sit behind me and she goes along with it.
HerBFF: hey
ME: umm? are you talking to me?
HerBFF: yes you, you stupid fuck.
ME: need something?
HerBFF: Yes, we were just wondering why you always shy?
ME: ?
She: yeah you always shy and quiet, autistic or something?
HerBFF: I have an idea!! Lets be friends!!
ME: ...
*we literally shook hands to become friends literally 18 year olds*
so we started small talks here and there (we had tests after last day of school) on the second last test, i was heading home, enter her and HerBFF they stop me
She: How did you aced last 2 tests (i ranked first cause i was doing well with studies at that time), tell me which books do you use
HerBFF: can i ask a curiosity question?
ME (in the middle of an explaination): yes?
HerBFF: Did you ever have any friends that were girls?
ME (misheard If you ever had any friends who had girlfriends): i had a lot two years ago (i know its embarrassing i know)
SHE: Oh Okay
me escapes at first sight of help (my best friend was waving at me from like 100 meters away)
now we've been talking for 6 months since quarantine initially we texted a lot then we started voice calling each other a lot we've fought 3 times for extremely stupid reasons.
I AM WONDERING IF SHE LIKES ME OR NOT cause IF SHE DOES then we have mutual feelings and i can confess to her and IF SHE DOES NOT then i don't wanna ruin the beautiful friendship. Our mutual friends don't know about us talking and shit but her family and best friends know
she said her best friend (the original one who lives somewhere else) wanted to talk to me but i deserted him cause im just too shy
where can i write part 2? this is too long...
1 y
important: she wants me to give myself a nickname... what the hell? i have a nickname for her that quite literally means "the love of my life" (its an inside joke, hard to explain how we got that). But i told her i already have enough nicknames (yes every single one of my friends call me with a different name, even my family members all call me with different names) and ain't gonna give myself another one, but she keeps on insisting.
A stranger friend?
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