What do I do about her in this situation?

There's this girl who worked at another location that I go to often, and we had some chemistry and talked a lot when I came in. I asked her out, but she had a boyfriend, and this was in December.
Since then, she's gotten incredibly flirty. Even though her boyfriend works at her location. She will go out her way to talk to me, and be near me when I'm there. Even made the comment that she notices every time I come in. She will even be suggestive with her body language, and my colleagues notice, even the people at her location have noticed this whole thing.

Here's the twist

Last week I was transferred to be dispatched out of her location to lead a new team, and now I see her every day. She's made sure I see her and will hang around me while I'm doing my paperwork or do calls.
She's still with the boyfriend, and they were even with eachother today during lunch and she kept looking over at me. She's done this a few times.

I just don't know what to do, I almost didn't go to the location strictly because of her.

What do I do?
What do I do about her in this situation?
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