Am I being stupid?

I met this guy online and I like him, but I have a really bad living situation. Really really bad.
In fact I will be with no money by tomorrow but I have a job that starts in October. I can ask my friend for 1k but he has given me 800 so far... And I dont know what he will say about that to move and live in an appartment for a month ticket and all.

Anyway this guy I met online said I could live with him. But he would expect sex and I am christian I've had sex 3-4 times most of it was dubiously consented and I didn't want to do it. I said I should wait the next time.

He said he would let me stay with him for free expecting sex of course. And also bought of Sugardaddy right. I like him, I do but I dont know if its for me and im sexually inexperienced. Plus he's by california and I think I still want to be an actress. It can be a full win but living with people etc plus the embarassment of my situation is really daunting.

So my job is a software engineering job that i would move somewhere in the US about 3 times or just 2 in years and I can't ppick where the company puts me. I'll be 27 by the time my contract is up and well, I feel its sad but its the only job offer amid the crisis.

Will I be old by then? I am a artist. I have had work for sale. It will set me up for financial stability, but I feel sad because I feel like it is stopping me from what I really want to do. for 2 years.
Am I being stupid?
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