How to get rid of baby fever?

How to get rid of baby fever?
Let's get something straight, I'm no where near financially or emotionally ready for children at my age, I am NOT trying to get pregnant, just to clear that up. Before someone starts bitching at meπŸ˜’

I've always had baby fever, I've constantly been told it's normal for a girl my age and to "ride it out", but for me it's not that simple. Sometimes it's all I think about, how it would feel to create a whole new human, wondering how it would feel to touch their little toes and show them all the love I could give. I try not to bring this up to my guy so I don't scare him off, I watch birth videos to frighten me so it'll lessen. It doesn't work. Does anyone have actual advice on how to get rid of or at least manage this urge?
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a lot of you are saying babysit, thank you for your responses 😊 but as of 2020-early 2021 I can't have any sort of job for personal reasons unfortuantely, so its out of the picture...
How to get rid of baby fever?
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