We talked on Instagram for months, then she blocked me?

Here's the story: She's my old boss's daughter. Let's call her Sarah. We're in the same college program, but she's a year behind me. I used to see her staring at me in the halls with her friends, with a look on her face like she really wanted to hit on me. (I'd only seen pictures of her, before this we'd only spoken on the phone once when I was talking to her dad).

One night, at a college party at a bar for the second years, my bosses daughter shows up (she was first year, so I don't know how she found out about the party), and she tries to talk to me. I had already been talking to another girl, Emma, and decided to try to stick to her instead. I left the party without telling Sarah. From then on, every time I saw Sarah she looked crushed. She wouldn't look at me. And she would rush past me in the halls. One time I even went out of my way to say hello, and she completely ignored me and kept walking.

But then we started talking on Instagram. Soon, it got to the point where I would post something about a movie, and then a day or two later she would post a story of her watching the movie. Then I'd wish her a happy birthday, and she's post a story of her watching a movie I'd told her I liked.

After a few months of this, I started sending her photos of puppies and flowers. You know, cute shit. She would often heart my comments, etc. Then, one day she blocked me out of nowhere. I angrily texted her, telling to her to not talk to me if she saw me. I wasn't mad that she wasn't interested. I was mad that she didn't say anything to me, and instead just blocked me and cut off all communication. Then I get a call from her dad, who tells me she never had a crush on me. He said she's simply shy, anxious, and doesn't have a lot of friends, and really just wanted to be one of mine. I apologized soon after, feeling bad about getting mad at her. But now I regret apologizing.

My question is: Am I in the wrong here? Was I crazy for thinking she liked me? Girls, what do you think?
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Not that it's particularly important, but the girl is gorgeous
We talked on Instagram for months, then she blocked me?
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