How do you cope with you PTSD?

It's been a long time since that fateful night when I was years old and spent the night at a friend of the family's with my younger brother because our baby brother was being born. I never told anyone what happened to me until I was about a week away from my 21st birthday and I let it slip out to my mom because she was freaking out that I was moving across the country that week for college. I begged her not to tell anyone, especially my dad, but she didn't respect my wishes. My dad was mad at me and told me I had to forgive the man that violated me as a child in the most wicked of ways. I already had forgiven him YEARS ago and hold no hatred in my heart but it hurt having my dad more concerned with possible unforgiveness in my heart than my emotional and physical well being. I surprisingly haven't struggled as much as I heard other women did including my friends. But for the first time since that night, I began having night terrors and major emotional issues from the unwelcome memories that now flood my consciousness. I'm really struggling all of a sudden after YEARS of being fine and ok! I can't talk with family and have confided in 2 friends who also struggle with this. What do you all do to cope with your past traumas?
How do you cope with you PTSD?
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