3am-4am is it a ritual?

I go over to my boyfriend's house Saturday night and I spend the night over We usually go to sleep around 3ish Is usually quiet around that time but last week around 3-4 am I notice this weird sound I couldn't explain what it was , it was like a whistle but it also sounded like a animal sound it keep making that whistle noise for almost an hour exactly the same. I usually don't get scared but it sounded super weird I woke up my boyfriend and he said it sounded like someone or something was doing it on purpose or was like calling someone.. now this Saturday I didn't hear that noise but instead I got woken up to people talking it sounded like a ritual at one moment you can hear 1 female than several females saying the same thing ( couldn't understand what they were saying ) similar to praying , they kept going for almost an hour at 3-4 am , what could it be? I didn't see anyone outside but at times it sound it like they were close and far at the same time.
3am-4am is it a ritual?
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