Why do you think my boyfriends female friend hates me?

My boyfriend has been friends with Lauren since 2nd grade. They had a tight knit group of friends that remained good friends up until recently. So maybe this is an "outsider" hatred, where she simply cannot accept change but who knows.

Another reason could possibly be that her best friend is my boyfriends ex. This specific friend (Jordan) has started a bunch of drama between me and my boyfriend multiple times, to a point where we both have her blocked off absolutely everything and have given people strict instructions to not let this woman know where we live. she's fucking crazy and shows up to our house to leave shit in the mailbox. But Lauren has her back 100% and believes that she has not started any drama because Jordan denies it and says it is all me.

Anyways, this woman hates me. She has never met me. Never spoke to me. Whenever my boyfriend tries to hang out with her with me, she says no because she doesn't want me around. She will text him and say things like "Still playing daddy for kids that aren't yours or did you smarten up?"

Their relationship has always been platonic. They have never had sex. Never kissed. There was never any romantic feelings there. Their messages confirm this for me. So why the fuck would she hate me? I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years and she actually blocked him off everything for awhile because she didn't like me. Within the past 2 weeks though she has added him again and once again, started in with her comments about me.
Why do you think my boyfriends female friend hates me?
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