Is this creepy?

A friend and I were at a bar recently and we were talking about women. I mentioned that I found one of the girls working there to be cute and he agreed.

A little later that night as I was going to the toilet I crossed the same woman and I saw her smirking at me, I was a little confused by this but forgot about it.

Later that night my friend told me that the girl I mentioned was actually behind me when I made the comment and she seemed to overhear me because she looked in our direction. I was a little embarrassed by this and asked if she seemed annoyed by my comment, in which he replied that she looked at us normally and did not look upset at all by the comment. This was our last conversation before we went home.

I was texting the friend and I told him about when I went to the toilet she was smirking at me. My friend then did a complete 180 and told me that the girl actually looked annoyed at me when I made the comment and my friend then told me it was creepy that I called her cute when she was within earshot.

Is this creepy or do you think maybe my friend is being a bit immature?
Is this creepy?
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