Is this cashier interested of me?

So maby like week ago i was just going to buy my breakfast as usual and there was this new cashier. I saw her staring at me right away when she saw me. When i was paying what i bought i saw she talked a lot more to me than cashier should + her voice raised really high when she gave me my exchange. Then next time i went buy stuff again when she gave me exhange she gave me a smirk so i was like yeah i think she's interested. So today i was gonna do last test, i was trying to touch her fingers litle bit while she gave me exchange but i got no reaction, she was no disturbed or disgusted, just neutral. I forgot couple things so i went there again like hour later and now she again was smiling at me and said bye the best way on my language. Im from finland so she said "moikka" but it doesn't translate to English but its the best greeting to get in my opinion + the smiling. So im just litle confused now coz she gives mixed feeling or is she just being nice?
Is this cashier interested of me?
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