Your opinion on male facial hair?

Male facial and body hair especially the chest hair seem to be really useless and they're quite thick dense. Almost every adult male grows coarse facial hair that he either shaves it off completely or trims it tidy. It needs regular attention or else it get really thick , dense and even quite long... and weirdly it's absolutely useless and looks ugly , repulsive and dirty unlike a woman's smooth face.
So, what's your opinion on useless male facial hair?
Your opinion on male facial hair?
It's absolutely useless and seems like male " facial pubes". It would have been better if men had natural almost smooth face
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Although it needs regular maintenance but still I like it , it seems to enhance the masculine appeal of a man's look
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Your opinion on male facial hair?
I'd rather prefer if men had some patchy sparse facial hair which would require very very less maintenance
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Your opinion on male facial hair?
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