Female friend doing this?

I have a female friend who's constantly trying to feel superior. I mean, for example if I say I'm sad about something she says she doesn't get sad about these things. When I say I've been hurt by an abusive boyfriend she says she is so strong that she hasn't ever got an abusive boyfriend (which is not true, because she's now trapped in this sort of relationship), and a lot of things like that. Also, when I complain about a guy (for example a guy I'm dating) she always states that he's using me, or manipulating me or bad things like these, while she claims that all her previous relationships loved her a lot and she was the one who dumped them (which, again, I cannot believe). I tried to avoid her recently but she always finds a way back in, trying to show that she cares about me and my wellbeing. She's always always comparing my situation to hers, trying to show that her situation is better than mine, even with basic things like document stuff or University stuff. Also, she may remember one ridiculous event from my past and laugh at it constantly, even when she sees I'm not reacting to it. Why is she doing this? Should I remove her from my life?
Female friend doing this?
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