Does she expect me to contact her, I feel confused and guilty?

I feel confused and guilty.

We met in 2017 and we got pretty close. We helped each other a lot she believed in me and helped me to become a better person. I developed a crush on her so I started to get worried. Because she is older and has a boyfriend and I felt like I would ruin what we had. I had to leave the city. She was upset but she did not tell me but she hugged me for a long time and asked me to stay in touch I said I will when I asked her to do the same she did not say anything. This part made me confused. After I left the city after a year she left the city too and everything we had memories with like jobs friends. She just escaped all that. We did not talk since I left. I feel guilty that she might think that I was using her. On the same time I am confused why she never said that she will stay in touch too. The guilt is really tearing me apart, I don’t want her to think that I used her for help then forgot about her but I don’t know what to do anymore. In the past she always told me she misses me and how we are friends. She had a hard time expressing herself she said she had rough relationships. So I don’t know if she even misses me now or not. I don’t even know what happened and the meaning of our goodbye. I just feel heartbroken that our friendship ended this way.
Does she expect me to contact her, I feel confused and guilty?
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