If she has broken up with me?

Okay, my girlfriend or ex has been ignoring me. for nearly 5 months we rarely talked in this duration and even when we had 2 convos in first it was a chat where she blamed me me for irrelevant things that I never did like abuse, blackmail and use curse words and all... and the other meet was througha a phone call... and all I did was cry in that call and she told me that she loves me but she wants to have a career first (IAS) and she says that we would really be happy to see each other after a long time, one thing I'm sure of is that she hasn't found anyone yet nor she's currently looking for someone CURRENTLY!
But also on the other side, she goes to my classmates who were also her classmates, and tells them that she is tired of me. And also on the same day I went to her with a letter which she teared in public place.

So right now , I'm so messed up that I want to know why is she actually ignoring me?
And if she has broken up with me?
And what could be the cause?
One more small thing that she has got transferred to a far city around 400-500kms away from here
If she has broken up with me?
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