Can someone tell me what this girl is thinking?

There's this girl I've been exchanging letters with for some time now (she lives in another country). We also talk online through emails like daily.

Anyway, in her last letter she told me about this convo she had with her mom about my letter. It went like this...

Her mom : Is this letter from a guy or a girl?
The girl : A guy.
Mom : Is it a love letter?
Girl : He lives far away and we have like a 10 year age gap.
Mom : So what?
Then she told me that she was shook like her mom was crazy or something? She also said her mom loved my handwriting...

I just don't know what to think of this situation. Honestly I felt kind of disappointed to read it at first but then I also thought to myself "why would she even bother telling me this kind of thing if she wasn't interested.. maybe she felt a bit embarrassed to admit that she liked me in front of her mom?"...
Well I'm probably being just optimistic here but I wanted to get some opinions from you guys too.
Can someone tell me what this girl is thinking?
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