Anyone help with my struggle with girls?

I'm not the greatest person when it comes to girls. I never really like many people but this year I'm casting a fairly wider net

I have two options at the minute but both have equally annoying things that get in my way.

Person 1: I really like this one, however I barely talk to her. She's in my school year but only in 2 of my classes and in both I sit far away from her. Even at breaks, she's nowhere to be found. I used to talk to her a decent bit but covid gone and fucked that up unfortunately. I wanna add her snap and chat to her but I feel that's waay to direct. Thats almost like saying "I like you" before ye have even said a word to each other. Any ideas on what I could do?

Person 2: this girl is easier. She goes to at least 4-5 of my classes and we sit near each other for 2-3. Issue is we don't really talk to much. She's a nice girl but I kinda feel like there's no point when idek what I'm looking for in her, I just like how she's nice and she's pretty. Person 1 connects with me really well personally which is why I kinda prefer her more. Any thoughts on what I could do?
Anyone help with my struggle with girls?
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