What would you think of this a girl?

At work/college. She looks sweet and innocent and she’s quite shy, quiet and reserved. She wears dresses and wears no make up at all - quite simple in her looks and outwear; a plain Jane as she don’t wear make up. At first glance she’s just a frumpy looking girl that doesn’t care about fashion etc. but then she surprises you as you spot she’s wearing an expensive YSL bag. And you spot that she wears £725 balenciaga triple s sneakers a couple of days a week. She’s also wearing an expensive ring which catches your eye and you seen hidden away an expensive necklace that you can see a little when she sits down.

Would your impression of her change? Would you think she’s secretly Rich or a dark horse? Would it make you more intrigued about h? Would you think what’s her secret? Would you think she has a wild side?
What would you think of this a girl?
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