Trying to figure out if a girl at my work is interested in me at all or just sees me as just a friend?

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to figure out these past few months, A girl started at my work in a different area

It all started from her just from across the room waving at me, I never had spoken to her at all yet at this point, I realised one day she was waving at me when she was leaving from work so I had simply just waved back nothing big, But then she done it again for the next few days, So I just smiled and waved back, Then for a whole week she had stopped doing it which I found odd but didn't really think much of it to be honest Kind of just shrugged it off, there has been a few times since then we had bumped into each other but we just smiled and said hello how are you, She would always kind of look a little nervous, (which I have noticed she isn't really at all when she speaks to anyone else) There's been times where we will bump into each other a few times through out a day, We just smile at each other and she laughs but we don't say anything at all and I just feel pretty nervous when this happens but I try and play it off like nothing,

Just the other day I noticed she was pushing something across the store and it looked really heavy, So I said hey do you need some help? and she laughed and said yes please! it's really heavy! and as I was walking with her pushing it I had a noticed she had a nice tattoo on her arm and I had said that's a cool looking tattoo, she laughed and said thank you and that someone designed it for her that is really close to her that is no longer around, She then asked me if id get any I said yeah eventually, I helped her push a few more down and after it I said if you need any help next time let me know, Then later on I was standing across the room and she was walking past and was smiling at me from across the room as if to say thank you but it was a big smile and she stared at me for a few seconds and I looked at her smiled and looked away but when I looked back she was still staring at me smiling and it caught me off guard!
Trying to figure out if a girl at my work is interested in me at all or just sees me as just a friend?
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