Is she being friendly or does she have feelings for me?

I work freight and there is this cute cashier. I went to her checkstand one day and introduced myself and asked her name, we conversed a little. After a few days I asked her if she needed someone to walk her out to her car, she accepted, while I walked her out we talked a little about her schooling, work and a her day. I said hi a few times a few days after and walked her out again.

I went on a vacation. So it had been a few weeks since I said spoke to her or saw her. Three weeks later, I helped her try to find something in the store, minutes later I continued my work then she asked if I could walk her out, I agreed. We talked without any pauses. She asked about my work schedule (which was asked on the first walk) and asking if I'm used to working that late. She seemed to walk very closely to me; one instance she brought up a day she called out cause she wasn't feeling good then I told her that day i had to cover part of her shift, that is when she said sorry and covered her mouth with her hands.

Day later I was sitting outside the store and she walked towards me greeting me we spoke a little. While I sat in my car before starting work a day later I heard a hello followed by my name, i looked up and saw her waving and I said hi. Same evening I went to her checkstand, asked how her day was and if she found that item she was looking for the other day, she said no and told me if I see it let her know. Haven't spoken to her since, this was a few days ago.

I do have feelings for her and that third walk to her car, she seemed to show signs of attraction, standing close to me, her eyes, bringing up previous conversation; but I'm not positive of her attraction to me cause she does talk to other guys and ask them to walk her out as well. She hardly posts on Facebook. I do appreciate some advice or knowledge to know if she might have feelings for me. Thank you.
Is she being friendly or does she have feelings for me?
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