Why is she mad and how do I get things back to normal?

There’s this girl I have been working With and we got pretty cool then out of no where she got mad and got an attitude with me I don’t know why so I ask her she says it’s nothing I said is it me she says obviously it’s you if I’m not talking to you then I say I’m sorry she says it cool but she still walks around like she has an attitude she won’t let me hug her anymore only like dap her up. Our conversation got dry but sometimes when I go in for a hug she smiles at me but still fight it, so it’s confusing. But also today I we talked a little and I told her I cared about her and she made a face like she doesn’t believe me. Then I sent her a text saying “she treats me like nobody while I would do anything for her” she said “I don’t treat you like that” I said that’s how I feel regardless if you mean to or not if that makes sense she said “yeah” I said “but I do care about you but you just push me away “ and she said “ Uhmhmm ” and I said I don’t know what that means but ight “she said “nothing “ then I said “ight” but I just want to go back to how things was but I do not know what I did to get her so mad. I know she cares but at the same time I don't know for sure. Should I leave her alone or should I still talk to her. Like this is extra. Because I care about her as a friend, and don’t want to lose our friendship. But I’m lost. And I have no idea what I’ve done and she also said “it’s cool and if you don’t know that’s cool to” like huh? Why are females like this.
Why is she mad and how do I get things back to normal?
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