What do I do to ease cold shoulder between me (17M) and my crush (17F) (tldr: I said something stupid and she's ignoring me) ?

I'll try to keep this as short and easy to understand as I can so please bear with me.
I (17M) first saw her (17 F) at school before the virus. I thought she was pretty cute and seemed to be a kind person but I didn't really think much of it since we didn't and still don't have mutual friends. Once quarantine started, I got bored and started messing around on Snapchat, and I added her. I started a conversation, and everything was going pretty well. While I had to initiate most conversations at first, she started to open up and tell me about herself, her family, and let me in on some of her hobbies. I found that even though we didn't have a crazy amount in common, we both genuinely enjoyed talking to each other, and that she considered me a friend.

Although we are both busy people with school going on, we still made time to catch up everyday, which I really appreciated, since it gave each other someone to talk to. Long story short, I developed a bit of a crush on her. Moving on: so we were venting about our parents a few nights ago and I complained about them caring too much about who I talk to, especially girls. She answered saying how she had the same issue with her parents for guys and it annoyed her. At this point, my dumb ass decided to try and make a sorry attempt at flirting to test the waters.

I basically said that although I'm a generally shy guy, I appreciated being able to talk to girls like her who were a "7.5-8.5/10 off the eye test". She left me on opened and ended the streak for the first time since we started talking and she's kept me on opened when I've tried to change the topic ever since.

I was trying to compliment her but I might have actually ended up offending her (she may think I'm objectifying her or something which I'm absolutely not). I'm kind of stumped what to do in this situation since I want to apologize but I want to make it as "not awkward as possible".

Any opinions on the matter would be appreciated!
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She told me she felt uncomfortable with what I said because she started dating someone. This is totally understandable, but it hurts a lot that she wasn't direct about it and kept indirectly distancing herself. I feel like she lead me on to want to be her friend and just tossed me out like garbage when she felt convenient. Girls are so weird man. I can say for a fact that I'm already pretty much over her. I can't like someone that emotionally manipulates people. I thought I made a friend. Ig not
What do I do to ease cold shoulder between me (17M) and my crush (17F) (tldr: I said something stupid and she's ignoring me) ?
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