Girls, Confused as hell?

This girl was my rebound after my ex. It started off as casual, but we both started to develop feelings a couple of months later. However we both knew we weren’t ready, so we’ve decided to keep it casual for now.

she was constantly dropping hints like some people know you need time etc, and some people are willing to wait. Whenever we’re together we pretty much act like a couple. However I’m easy, I told her whenever she’s seeing someone just to let me know and I’d be absolutely fine with that, but every time she is: she hides it from me for some reason? She started sending me nudes again a couple of weeks ago (so I know she ended it with the guy she was seeing, or at least I thought I did,) and came to visit from uni. We ended up going out with her parents for drinks, and once we left her parents we were feeling each other up, making out etc, and then she told me she was going off to see someone. I got annoyed at that, cause obviously like I said, I would have been absolutely fine if she had just told me. After we left each other she even said a message saying ‘my mum really likes you, and she’s invited you over for Christmas and Boxing Day?’

The next morning, I asked her if she wanted to go out for food (we always do this) and she came back with some proper blunt reply like ‘I’ve made plans with my boyfriend thanks, don’t get too jealous’ So I ended up telling her I was done until she knows what she wants from me and blocked her (I’ve already done this once before and she messaged me back a couple of weeks later saying how sorry she was, and how she missed me etc.) When she inevitably messages me again, I don’t know if I’m gonna follow through, but I just don’t understand what it is she wants from me because she won’t give me a clear answer?
Girls, Confused as hell?
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