Why do so many women care about being liked?

I have a very small circle of friends and im only close with my family and boyfriend.

I don't care for being liked, i care more about being honest and ture to myself. It makes life a lot more easier then constantly wanting validation from people you'll never be good enough for.

I genuinely believe this is what holds a lot of girls back. I see so many girls my age more focused on their insta likes than whats important in life. Their like obsessed.

Their constantly apologising for unnecessary things and holding back from doing what they want to please others. For example not going to a good college because all their friends didn't get in and wanted to do hair and beauty all together instead of being a individual and deciding something different from their friends because they don't want to hurt their feelings or lose them..

Also i hear a lot of girls saying how bad they felt after a rejecting a guy and theyll say stuff like "i think we should just be friends" Yes it feels shit but they shouldn't feel bad about it. Rejection is apart of life and its better to be honest with a guy about why you rejected them then fob them off with some fake friends zone shit just because you didn't want to look like a "bitch". He might hate you when you tell them why but he'll thank you when he realises someone took the time to be honest with them so he could improve.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to be nice but at the same time if someone doesn't like you that's there problem not yours and girls shouldn't waste their time trying to get their validation.

I just don't see why a lot of girls care so much about being liked. You should be liked for who you truly are not what people want you to be. Trying hard will only make you easier for people to take advantage of.

As someone who was bullied at school i quickly learnt being liked isn't important and usually people who don't like you and go out there way to show it are usually compensating for something you have that they don't.
Why do so many women care about being liked?
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