Girl angry that I deleted her nudes?

I've been seeing a girl off an on. No big deal.
She used to send me pics which were great.
Personalized pics with my name written on her in different places. Great.

Well she started seeing someone else and deleted. (I'm not trippin) I thought she wanted to pursue something romantic with him so I deleted the pics. Later I find out she blocked me on snapchat.

A little over a month goes by and she adds me again. We talk casually for a few days before the pics start coming in again. "Another for the collection"

So I told her I deleted the previous pics because I didn't think I should have them when she was talking to someone. She got mad? Like legit mad. Asking why? And if they were good enough? I said of course. She said she would talk to me later and that was a few days ago.

What am I doing wrong here?
Girl angry that I deleted her nudes?
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