She still makes effort but seems off?

Girl I've been dating, says she loves me, makes plans to see me etc, yet speaking in the ohine the last few times she seems off with me. I try to remain upbeat and confident and keep the conversation going but she doesn't seem interacting like she was. But then she'll tell me how much she misses me etc. She has often said she's worried I'll get bored of her, I always try to reassure her. I asked her on the phone of she was ok and I said she seemed a bit off, she just said I'm fine. I didn't push it, I carried on trying to make convo with her.
im worried she's going off me? But yet she still says all lovely things to me over message, I'm confused as hell. We haven't been able to see eachother for over three weeks because covid.
She still makes effort but seems off?
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