Best friend says she doesent want to be friends anymore, help?

Hi y’all, my best friend and I have been friends for about 3 years now. We’re really close but she has this problem where she tends to sometimes shut me down completely, turn her maps off on me, ignore my texts and doesn't want to hang out for days...
I always run to her when she’s like this because I feared losing my best friend. I always wanted to make sure she was okay. For the past few days, she has been distant and acting like this. At this point it has happened so much and I am done running to check up on her because I feel she does it for my attention. I think this made her angry because I just received a very long text saying how she doesent want to be friends anymore?
I’m always busy (i’m in college and work 30 hours a week). She says we don’t talk anymore and barely hang out, so there is no point in being friends. (I asked her to hang out this Friday because it is my only day off- and she responds with “asking me to hang one day in over a month is not making an effort”.) She says that our schedules are too hectic and we shouldn’t be friends because of this... I explained to her that friends don’t need to see eachother and talk everyday and she said i’m wrong and i’m not making an effort to see her enough. I just said if that’s how you feel than alright.
Sorry this is so dramatic but what are your guys’s opinions & what would y’all do?
Best friend says she doesent want to be friends anymore, help?
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