I regret drinking in high school?

Guys please read this. It’s very important for me. I’m a sophomore in high school now (2nd year) and... I was partying and drinking in my freshman year. I regret it a lot. Nothing bad happened but I just regret it so much that it just doesn’t leave my thoughts. I get scared that I harmed myself. I hope I did not. It was stupid of me. I just thought it was so fun and exciting back then. But now I see that I was just being irresponsible. I stopped drinking in parites 6-7 months ago (quarantine) And I don’t plan on drinking it until like I’m 21 or smth. I just regret it so much... What should I do. I told my parents by the way. I am now more responsible and smarter in my actions. Please help me because this overthinking is eating up my brain. Do you think I harmed myself? Most of the time it was coctails and beer but some times I drank shots and binge drinked (like 2 times)
I regret drinking in high school?
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