How to know if a girl feels rejected by you?

For the last few months, one of my female co-workers had been acting kind to me and she seemed to try to get my attention... sometimes. A few weeks ago, she seemed kinda interested in me, like she seemed more flirty with me than she used to be. Just a side note, she is kinda extroverted and I'm introverted.

She initiated a conversation, she initiated some physical touches
  • hugging (she asked me for a favor and I accepted, then she felt very happy and asked to hug me). It lasted around 3 or 4 seconds.
  • She light-touched me on my arm quite a few times when we accidentally bumped into each other in the hallway (she got surprised, laughed, light-touched me and insisted that it was her fault).
She used to randomly call me by the nickname she gave me in a somewhat high-pitched voice (though, I'm not the only guy she gave nicknames to). Like sometimes, she was busy on her work and she would just randomly say my nickname. She once did that twice in 10 minutes. And when she does that, she says nothing more. I feel like she was trying to get my attention and that she wanted me to realize that she's fine with me talking to her and that I should not be afraid.

I once heard her say to someone else at work that she and another guy (who she is friend with) is just her best friend and that they are not in a relationship. I was around when she said that to someone.

A few weeks ago, I added her on social medias. She still hasn't accepted my friend request, and it's been 3 weeks. I didn't do anything else (like texting her, etc). We met recently, she didn't seem much excited though. She barely said hi. Later during our shift, she said "hi (nickname)". Our mood seemed down... again. I don't know why. I said "is it just me or it's been a while since we last met?" and she responded "... right?".

A few days later, at work, I saw her again and she straight up ignored me. Like, she said hi to the guys beside me (calling them by their nickname). I ignored her back.
1 y
She passed by me a few times, so there's no way she didn't notice me.

I think she feels rejected by me, but I'm not sure.

How can I know if she does feel rejected by me? What would the signs be?
How to know if a girl feels rejected by you?
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