Why are women so unresponsive online?

I know its a dangerous world out there but as long as you aren't giving out personal info too early and too easily then it's pretty easy to keep yourself safe. Women typically ignore me at in like 99% of cases. I'm not being perverted or sexual or creepy. I typically just attempt to establish a conversation if it's a relevant situation or if they say/post something that grabs my attention. This goes for everywhere online, not just GAG. It's the same on dating sites like Tinder as well. I typically get 0-2 matches a day and more often than not, the rare ones I get don't respond.

Then I see these same women complaining about how "there are no good men out there." It seems to me like there are plenty of good men, these women just keep ignoring them. It seems like their own choosiness and pickiness is their problem. Also trust me when I say that it could just be that they aren't attracted to me but for one, it's not always in a context of dating, secondly, they don't even always know how I look, and 3, most people in person tell me I'm very attractive.
Why are women so unresponsive online?
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