What do these crazy coincidences mean?

Hey guys,
so there was this girl that I went to preschool with and I don’t remember actually being friends with her in preschool, then after preschool we did not see each other. Then it was around 10 to 12 years later when I was in high school and my mom and I bumped into her and her mother and that’s when I found out our history and then that’s when I started to have a crush on her. She was and is to this day the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and when I friended her on Facebook a month or two later and message her she didn’t respond back. So from then on I just moved on and didn’t try to show any interest in her. This was also when I was not attractive and socially awkward. But then over the years I’ve been getting a lot of girls attention but nothing ever turned out. Simply because I’m naturally very outgoing and present myself well. But last year I bumped into her at a gas station two towns over from where we grew up, and I didn’t go near her And just hid myself from her. But then this year when it was my second day working for this moving company, I was moving this person at this apartment complex and she had to walk right past me into the elevator. Then I say when she’s in the elevator “I was friends with a girl when I was in preschool“. Then 15 minutes later my friend and I go back to the elevator and her and her sister are the elevator and she’s staring at me, and I didn’t tell her who I was just simply because of our history, and she wouldn’t recognize me regardless. But then was four weeks ago I bumped into her again in the elevator for a brief period. Like what is up? Why are these coincidences happening where I’m bumping into her in the craziest and most random times?
What do these crazy coincidences mean?
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