Is she using me? Does she just want to be intimate or is she genuinely interested in m?

Ok, so I met a girl at University and straight away there was chemistry between us. She made an effort to make sure she sits next to me in class each week and we message daily. Among other things she initiated everything, including asking me if I wanted her number to face time to study, which we did 3 sessions over 1 weekend with 1 session lasting 4 hours and not much work was done. There was a lot of flirting, joking and other things. We also met 2 times in the library to study after her asking me to.

She then wants to meet up with me outside of class in the holiday to "study" and we decided to do this in her car. I wanted it to be in the evening for obvious reasons to which she initially agreed. Then out of the blue a few hours later she told me she can't do the evening, which made me disappointed because I knew I was going to make a move in the car at the end of the study session, so I struggled to answer the message as she couldn't do another day in the week so I ended up agreeing reluctantly.

Since then she has been more distant with the messages, she had started putting 🥰 emoticons in our messages, but she has stopped this now for the moment. She still puts kisses in messages though. I then asked her if she could do another facetime the day before we meet in person, as I know we could get the chemistry fired up again in preparation for the meeting in the car but she told me she is very busy over the weekend and would let me know if she could. There seems to be a change in her mood it seems. We had said good night a couple of times at the end of the night, bit the last time she didn't reply until the next day. She also avoided commenting on a message I sent, telling her I really liked having lunch with her. It seems there are mixed signals happening here and it is really confusing.

Is she just playing me or using me to study as she thinks I can help her get good grades? Does anyone have a comment on this? Thanks 😊
Is she using me? Does she just want to be intimate or is she genuinely interested in m?
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