Why am I so afraid to be feminine in public?

At a local coffee shop, library, park, mall, when I’m walking down my block in the neighborhood, I feel like I need to hide my femininity because I don’t want to attract male-attention. I have a fairly nice body and a meh face. I’m fairly pretty, but for some odd reason, I feel like I need to hide it. I’ve dated a few guys and I am fairly convinced that I am straight. When men try to flirt with me, I get really shy and “act” like I’m taken. Closed-body language, less eye contact, looks at every corner of the room except his eyes. Nonchalantly, I try to play it cool. I usually don’t get very anxious around people. I wouldn’t have a problem speaking in front of several people and I have done that before. When it comes to reacting to attraction, I shy away. Also, when it comes to my clothing, I kinda just wear baggy clothing. Like I said, I have a pretty stellar body (not trying to brag or anything), but I hide it because I don’t want men to be like “damn she is hot”. In public I see the stares men give me when I decide to put on something cute. I’ve gotten cat called on, I’ve gotten approached by men, flirted with, etc... Those aren’t really bad, they just (ironically) make me feel less confident. It’s not like I’m going to give up and eat a crap ton of Oreos until I reach 350 lbs to get over this insecurity. How do I feel more comfortable in my own skin knowing that it attracts attention? I guess my real question is how do I cope with public-attention without feeling self-conscious?

Thank you
Why am I so afraid to be feminine in public?
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