Girls, do girls ignore attractive guys?

I've noticed that a lot of the time girls will either not look at me in passing (and it almost looks like theyre avoiding looking at me on purpose) or won't say hi to me when i walk into a store (but they will say hi to guys that appear to be less attractive than me) or the other thing is they will look when I'm not looking but the minute I look they look away. I have a hard time reading signals but I do notice many girls will flip or twirl their hair when they are near me.(then i'll see them across the store or somewhere else when they don't know i see them and they don't even touch their hair) Usually they kinda take it and like toss it behind their ear or just toss it back on one side. Does that mean anything? My friends tell me i get stared at a lot but I don't believe them. Feel free to look at my profile pic for an idea of how I look. Girls usually act one of two ways around me if i talk to them: super giggly/flirty or extremely nervous (shaky voice, eye contact but looks down a lot, and fidgeting) Maybe i look like a creep? I mean I don't know, but it bothers me that all my friends have gfs and i am single. I am so tired of hearing you're hot, you're a catch, you're sexy, etc and then nothing.
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I worded this question terribly. My apologies. I am not saying im attractive, im just saying that people always call me that. I rlly dont think i am
Girls, do girls ignore attractive guys?
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