How do I get over my crush?

When I was working as a part-time cashier, I met this girl, a customer, who I had a huge crush on. She had red hair and every time she said hi followed by my name, id blush huge. She definitely was my love interest. Even when I was putting things back and I saw her, I would always talk to her, flirt with her and playfully touch her arm. Eventually I decided to grow a pair and ask her out for frozen yogurt when our paths crossed again at the end of my shift. We exchanged numbers and after a day or two when I texted her she never replied back. I take it she wasn't interested in me. I bumped into her again today, even told her she looked great, but it was hard for me to let go of my feelings for her. She's so beautiful. How do I get over this? And was it weird that I had somewhat feelings for her?
How do I get over my crush?
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