We got into a fight, she left. Says she doesn't want to keep seeing me. Was I in the wrong? What do I do?

Dating 5 months, lately she has been nit picking a lot of stupid small issues, and making passive aggressive comments out of nowhere when we are having a good time. I have dealt with it the last 3 times it's happened in stride, but on the 4th I was not able to hold it in. It turned into an argument, we made up. A day passed then...

In the morning she was stressed about a work project, I made her breakfast and gave her a leg massage in the morning to help her destress and help her knee pain. She was still visibly upset, she has gotten mad at me before for trying to solve problems instead of listening. I asked if she wanted my help or to just listen, she said no, and kept complaining. Also saying she should have never come over, like it was my fault. I acknowledged her complaining with a that sucks I'm sorry. Then I had an idea I wanted to suggest despite her saying not too. This did not go over well, she started to lecture me. So I shut down. She continued to complain, and I just kept playing video games, she got mad that I didn't say uh huh, or mmmhmmm whatever. I told her I didn't know how to respond if she doesn't want my help, and gets mad when I give it.

And this being the 5th time in recent days, I had enough. And I told her I didn't like the way she was talking to me lately, and I'm tired of it. Arguing insued, and she ended up taking an uber home despite me saying I would drive her. We didn't talk all that day, I needed to cool off and so did she. I texted her this morning and she has said she doesn't want to continue this, that she is busy with grad school this week, and we can talk next week "for closure" but that she is too upset to change her mind.

I apologized even though I felt she was also in the wrong, swallowed my pride, and left some flowers and stuff she likes at her house, for her to get when she gets home from work. I really like her, but I feel like she holds me to a higher standard than she does herself. And is being selfish. Was I wrong?
We got into a fight, she left. Says she doesn't want to keep seeing me. Was I in the wrong? What do I do?
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